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Monkeys & Music

Today we were able to fit in a trip to the Monkey Sanctuary in the morning, before heading back for evensong. There we saw Woolly and Capuchin monkeys as well as Barbary Macaques, and learnt a lot about various rescued ex-pet trade primates. The most interesting fact that stuck with me, was that Barbary apes have bright green eyes when young in order to attract the attention and protection of their elders. Their eye colour changes to brown as they grow out of the need of parental guidance!

This afternoon we sang the Reading responses, the Moore setting of the Magnificat and Nunc Dimitis in which Ginette sang a beautiful solo, and Jennifer too in Shephard’s The Secret of Christ, before being treated to some lovely welcome drinks and nibbles from the cathedral.

Tomorrow we have a day off and are looking forward to a day on the coast (please don’t rain) and a trip to see Tintagel and its ghosts of the round table.

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