Jazz and Classical Singer

Jennifer loves sharing her voice

“Jenny Maslin is a captivating vocalist with a unique ethereal tone.” Paul Dunton, Local & Live Festival Organiser

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She is available as a soloist, or with an ensemble such as voice & piano, guitar, or with her jazz band

Jennifer is an extremely versatile singer. Having gone through formal training and since forged a career as a performer and singing teacher, she has found her own unique style, regarding her voice as an instrument to be wielded according to each appropriate genre.

Vocal highlights have been singing on HMS President at a dating event overlooking the Shard, a family party at the Lansdowne Club in Mayfair, London, a wedding at the Roman Baths in Bath and providing choral evensong with various choirs at cathedrals across the UK.

  • Perfect for a restaurant or hotel’s feature music night;
  • Enhance life’s milestones such as weddings and parties;
  • Offering solace through song at funerals.

Jennifer's jazz band "Café Society’s" debut EP is available to listen to and buy on Bandcamp

Jazz Singer

With a warm, smooth and light soprano voice, Jennifer’s voice stands out on the jazz scene.

Jennifer is available as a solo jazz stylist, performing with either her more compact amplifier for smaller spaces, or a full PA system with backing tracks for larger events and guest lists. PAT and insurance certificates are available on request.

You can also book her with a jazz pianist or her jazz band “Café Society” for restaurant nights, parties and weddings. The band comprises of vocals and violin, trumpet, tenor sax, guitar, bass and percussion.

Classical Singer

Classical can be quite an ambiguous word! Best described as pure, light and clear, her classical singing voice is perfect for weddings, funeral ceremonies and sacred music (rather than the heavier operatic style!)

Jennifer can perform as a soloist with backing tracks, with a church organist or accompanist, or her classical-crossover duo Lyrae (voice, piano and a sprinkling of violins!).

Watch and listen to Jennifer on BandCamp, YouTube and Soundcloud

Watch and listen to Jennifer on BandCamp, YouTube and Soundcloud

Watch and listen to Jennifer on BandCamp, YouTube and Soundcloud

Jennifer is an extremely versatile Singer and Violinist and is available to book for your event

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