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A while back I wrote a post on my Instragram about my good friend Father John of St Barnabas’ Church, Tunbridge Wells. He has been such a support this last year, knowing how incredibly painful it has been not being able to do what I love best, when singing has been avoided or banned (except of course at football matches) to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Instagram post: Vocation – what’s yours?

Father John from @stbarnabastunbridgewells has livestreamed a #mass every day since the first lockdown, tirelessly working to keep his congregation connected and uplifted during the pandemic. He is chair of governors at St Barnabas’ Primary School as well, and is often seen out and about in the community.

As a man with a spiritual vocation and a good friend, he recognises how fundamental it is to a musician to keep making music for others. He has kept encouraging me this year – asking me to sing of a Sunday mass, when restrictions allow for a soloist but not congregational singing, and provide music for the church alongside their wonderful organists.

This week has been a really difficult one for me lockdown-wise. I arrived at St Barnabas’ for the livestreamed service worried what sound would come out when I sang, not feeling at all in the right frame of mind to perform. John’s gentle encouragement and sense of humour carried me along. It wasn’t perfect but has lifted me no end, spiritually and emotionally – and fulfilling my own vocation.

Thank John for all you do ✝️ ❤️


A souvenir of some lovely moments

I am ever so grateful that on top of all the above, Father John generously allowed me use of his beautiful church to record some videos of some sacred anthems I have sung during mass. The first is below, accompanied by the equally supportive and very talented organist Alistair Curtis.

I hope you enjoy a peek into the wonderful space that has been my ray of hope this year!

St Barnabas’ Church Tunbridge Wells provides mass at 11am every day of the year. Do take a break from the hustle and bustle and pop in to enjoy the beautiful peace the church provides.

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