Goodbye 2019, hello next decade!

Well doesn’t 2020 sound so very space age? I was so sure we’d be flying hovercraft cars by now… My 2019 highlights generally weren’t quite as exciting, although my top one personally trumps any automobile.

Highlight of 2019: singing at the Roman Baths, Bath for my friends’ wedding ceremony. I still can’t believe I had the privilege to sing in a place I have loved since primary school!

Roman Baths, Bath

A close second (although a lot more work and stress was involved!): Finally releasing my jazz band Café Society‘s debut EP Café Espresso.

Debut EP, click on the image to get the goodies!

First year anniversary working at Finchcocks as Assistant Course Director: taking bookings, facilitating courses, supervising practice on Beginner and Intermediate courses, singing for accompanying workshops… and getting to eat delicious food, drink beautiful wine, and spend the weekend in a musical bubble in the amazing grounds and house of Finchcocks (with an amazing team!). Got the feeling I quite like it?

In the piano cellar on my favourite piano – Photo by Ed Ovenden
Finchcocks main hall – Photo by Ed Ovenden

Singing the Christmas carol services at Eton College Lower Chapel Choir: No photo for obvious safeguarding reasons, but this was such a beautiful way to round off the year. Think musical Christmas at Hogwarts, the whole of Lower Chapel vibrating with Hark the herald and descant. Heaven!

Sevenoaks School maternity cover: For similar reasons, no photos. I was delighted to accept a Singing Teacher maternity cover in the spring term at Sevenoaks School. It boasts an amazing, vibrant music department with extremely high standards and it’s own staff room for visiting music teacher’s. Now that’s how to feel valued!

Woodland concert: My duo Lyrae was booked to perform at a local annual summer party in a private park for surrounding residents. It was a proper balmy summer evening and the fairy lights made it feel magical.

Singing at friends’ weddings: 2019 was the year of weddings and I was honoured to be asked to sing at three of my friends’ ceremonies. It was such an treat (even moreso than usual!).

Photo by Jesse Wild

Singing with my jazz band: We’ve been all over the place this year, including our residency at the Light House, Wimbledon, regular jazz brunches at Trinity Theatre, a concert for the U3A and private parties galore. What a great bunch of talented musicians they are. Here’s to many more.

Photo by Ben Hatwell

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