Musical ideas for your recessional

Choosing music for your wedding ceremony is likely a decision to be made a lot closer to your special day than your choice of venue, dress or photographer – but it’s nonetheless important (says the musician)! Musical preference is part of our identity – as an individual and a couple.

Photo by Jason Leaman

A recessional is a piece of music or hymn that is played or sung whilst those integral to the service – be it clergymen, the registrar or the wedding couple – exit the service. Traditionally this is the nave or central aisle of a church or religious space, but can just as easily be between a flower lined stretch of chairs in the gardens of a country manor, or a field!

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For my own wedding, now 13 years ago, I was completely overwhelmed as to where to start when deciding on music for our ceremony. There was so much choice and music is so important to me! We ended up going for the most obvious options for my entrance and our exit. As lovely as they were, having played at hundred’s of weddings since, I now am a lot more confident and wised up about what works well and fits the moment perfectly, so can offer some more ideas for those in the process of planning their own wedding!

Regardless of whether you’re having a civil or religious ceremony, I’ve selected some joyful upbeat traditional classical music as an alternative to a favourite pop song. (Remember that for non-religious, civil ceremonies, sacred/ church music is not allowed during the wedding ceremony itself, often even if it’s played rather than sung. If you want a traditional sound, it needs to be a secular classical choice.)

Jennifer playing violin in a bluebell wood
Photo by Jason Leaman

The below might get the ball rolling for you, or even be just the ticket!

Whatever you go for, remember that everyone will be whooping and clapping to mark the joyful occasion: Keep it upbeat, happy and LOUD!

Photo by Nicky’s Photography
Photo by Nicky’s Photography

I hope you have a wonderful day x

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