Singing, aerosols and COVID

Being a member of the UK’s AOTOS, the Association of Teachers of Singing, during a global pandemic has been invaluable. The support I have gained from this organisation has been absolutely wonderful. We’re all desperately feeling our way through 2020, with unique struggles of our own. AOTOS has provided a professional network and safe, private discussion forum for members to learn about coronavirus in relation to singing, how to deliver voice lessons online, prepare to resume face-to-face lessons (for those able to) and, very importantly, air concerns and frustrations. As part of AOTOS provision, online professional development and seminars are now offered to members for free for the remainder of the year.

Available to the public and in association with AOTOS, is also the following look into the results of the PERFORM study (August 2020), currently awaiting peer review. Nicholas Gibbins, Natalie Watson and Declan Costello, three of the UK’s leading laryngologists currently spear-heading major UK studies into aerosol generation by singers, discuss the implications for government guidelines.

It’s a sobering watch, but one that is also filled with hope and determination. With people such as these three, the team and funding behind them and organisations like AOTOS, we #CanDoMusic and #LetTheMusicPlay again.

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