Falmouth, flowers & (f)phwoar!

After a post-breakfast nap we pottered off to Falmouth for the morning. There we spent our time walking the quaint streets, catching glimpses of the harbour down private alleyways and walking along the pier.

Back to Truro and I was struck by how much effort the town puts into keeping it attractive for visitors and residents alike. There are flowers EVERYWHERE! Tunbridge Wells could learn a thing or two I think. Especially around super ugly cinema site but don’t get me started…

The highlight of my day, apart from lunch, was today’s anthem O lorde the maker of alle thing by Joubert. If you want something to knock your socks off, put this on full volume in your living room, get comfy, close your eyes and let it wash over you. I just about managed to hold myself together to the end, but if anything fills you with wonder, fear and majesty at the same time, it’s this!

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